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Everyone these days calls me Auz ("Oz"), at least if they know me fairly well. That isn't a reference to the Emerald City movie; it's just a nickname I got as a shorter version of my name.

I've traveled, trained, and studied just about all of my life. So far, I've been to 57 countries and am doing all I can to get to Antarctica. It calls to me, even in my dreams.

I have virtually countless memories of being in training and medical facilities, on other worlds, in Space, attending meetings on private aircraft, in empty ships, flying without the aid of technology, getting attacked a couple times, and being at various places in a zero-pollution city & research station I designed. The life-like dreams, which I now think may be memories resurfacing, keep coming. I can barely keep track.

My earliest vision or mental image is of a metallic triquetra hovering/fixed in a clear blue sky. I tried to tug at it with my mind, but it would not budge. No one in my current life's allegedly biological family ever mentioned anything about Celtic/Norse symbols/connections. I have no idea why this symbol is in me, and always has been, but it feels entirely comforting and protective somehow.

When I see or hear things about Nacht Waffen, Maria Orsic, and related matters, I get misty eyed, overwhelmed with bittersweet and longing feelings. When I went across most of Europe last year, I broke down crying tears of joy when I made it to Bavaria and the Alps for the first time. The closer I got to Bavaria, the more I cried. I cried harder when I knew it was time for me to return to the city I'd be flying back to the States from. Everything there felt familiar; the terrain, accents, voices on the radio, houses, castles, farms, roads, food, waterfalls, you name it. I had the unmistakable feeling that I'd finally made it back home, and that everyone I loved was now gone, hopefully still alive on other worlds and eventually destined to reunite with me.

I don't think I was a soldier out there, and I don't know if I did anything special or brave, but forums like this, and stories like those of the SSP, just call to me so completely. It takes a lot not to get lost in them all day. I have work and studies still, and I do my best to focus on them, knowing the tug of the SSP and Antarctica will always be there, growing stronger every day, until I cannot resist them anymore.

I've spent the last several years ramping up and networking to make it to some of the mountains and research stations of Antarctica. I started looking into how I might just go on my own, then cruises, then flight-seeing trips (like sight-seeing), then university/research groups, then job boards for companies that send a lot of people down there. I looked into Military Airlift Command open-seat possibilities. I contacted and met with many people who had been. I even researched what it would take to permanently move to Argentina or New Zealand so I could live and work right by the two main ports where all the Antarctica traffic is. Something tells me I have been there many times before, and that I'll get to return when the time is right; when I won't be stuck in a dorm-like room with distracting roommates, unhealthy food, and restrictions to the immediate property of the base or field camp.

Anyway, that's enough of an intro for now. I don't know who I was with in the SSP, which worlds I was on, how long I went, or how many times. All I have are the vivid memories of so many people and places, most of them suggesting I was attached as an observer or adviser, all suggesting I've been to other worlds, witnessed conflicts in cities not on Earth, and gotten to see the nicer/est parts of each, such as those for fine dining and dignitary lodging. Again, I don't know if this means I was part of that high tier of society, but I have these things in my mind. Maybe they are all fake and implanted simulations designed to appear as memories. Whatever they are, now you know.

Thanks for your time.


It's good to be here.


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