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Here is a brief description of my story. I first sent this to Sphere Being Alliance when they were asking for intel, six months or so before they announced "How We Won The Space War" and "Two New Guardian Beings..."
I saw two balls of light spinning in a circle. The spirit of the sorcerer laughed, " They must never meet!" I went on to learn that I am going to come across a certain person. I didn't know when or where but I saw them very clearly. Recently I realized we may have already met! Years ago a Young Shaman Warrior walked past as I was sitting at the front of my house. We saw each other briefly and though I knew little at the time I now believe this is the person I will one day meet and now I know roughly when.
It all came together for me when I found the worlds oldest mythology The Bock Saga. A story about paradise, millions of years and Tor Friends. I now believe this is a person you are destined to meet somewhere in time. Two lights polar opposite spinning in a circle.
With more pairs the circle fills up and expands outwards like the lotus flower a symbol for the Tor Friend.
All my life I've experienced shamans and shadow people. Time displacements and lucid dreams. Precognition and aerial phenomenom. Im an artist creating a graphic novel, art and videos telling my story as I look for my friend, or my friend finds me...
I never received a return message from Sphere Being Alliance however I strongly believe my message was accepted by something "out there." I've seen many craft since and for a time they were saying "thank you," big flashes from the sky saying "thank you." I was in my room and asked if this was legit, when a cd or record on the radio suddenly got stuck and played, "Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou..."
Total spin out. Anyway thank you and more soon.


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