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TOPIC: The "reality" of the Secret Space Black Ops.

The "reality" of the Secret Space Black Ops. 8 months 4 days ago #25

There are more veterans of the various Black Ops coming forward all the time. Solar Warden. Kruger and Monarch supersoldiers. Nacht Waffen--although I haven't seen anyone yet admitting to Schwarze Sonne [the SS]. Planetary Corporations [ICC]. I even know individuals who assist in abducting us--they are also under duress and have not gone public. Even someone from the Japanese part of Dark Fleet [you knew there had to be one, right?] There are also Projects run by the CIA and allied agencies that definitely should be included. And not all are run by humans.

There are all kinds of descriptions and explanations for how we get there and why we can be killed there and still apparently be fine here. There are even folks now claiming that it's all spiritual, a more sophisticated version of it's all in our heads.

I admin a FB group of 3400 or so people with SSP/Black Op memories. Most are also Targeted Individuals. Some became Targeted after joining the group. If it's all spiritual, why are we being shot at? Why are our communications jammed?

Most of us veterans have misty memories that are fragmented badly. I remember vingettes. Moments in time that are clear as day, but I don't know how I got there or where I went after. This is actually really common for mind fracture victims and is one of the signs to look for in 'the real thing'. That agencies use alters--mind fragments--and call up what they need when they need it and put it back to sleep after. Does that mean the memory isn't real?

There is a lot of dispute in the community about alters in the natural body versus alters in a clone body. Nacht Waffen tends to use the body you were born in. The supersoldier companies tend to use clones as sleeves. It is a preference based on which ET race the Program is allied with, and what tech has been made available to them. These programs don't share tech. They tend to not even let each other know they exist--even when they are using the same asset.

Most of us born into this mess are used by more than one program. Some in our natural body, some in clone sleeves, and some in virtual reality. If you think it's confusing for you to keep up with, considering waking up in a different place at odd times and not even knowing the language that you are expected to speak. Sometimes they take you and don't activate the correct alter.

I can understand how some think that we are making it up as we go, and so jump in and act like it's a video game. Those people don't have the trauma. Those people never blink out in an interview or a conversation. The real ones have a tiredness about them--we have lived multiple lifetimes in this incarnation and our souls are exhausted.

So, is the SSP real? Yes. It's in THIS timeline. Only the Time Corporation visits other timelines. So we are in multiple bodies in the same timeline in the same incarnation. Just not usually in the same location. Is it confusing? Hell yes. Is it made worse by everybody and his brother having an explanation? Yes.

So welcome to my personal hell.

My first alter was in my natural body on Mars and in a ship in Nacht Waffen. She speaks German.
My next alter that I remember is in a clone that has been made into a cyborg and pilots a shuttle. When she speaks, it's in English.
My next alter that I remember is a CIA assassin on Earth and uses my natural body. She speaks Spanish and Portuguese.
My next alter that I remember was a Kruger supersoldier that was a fighter pilot and sensor array specialist on a mother ship--she is now a navigator on a spy ship for Nacht Waffen. She is in a clone body that has been replaced twice. She speaks English.
There was an alter that seems to not be active anymore who was a Monarch sex slave on Mars in a cloned body. She was drugged all the time and didn't speak much.
There is another alter who is SS and speaks German and is a high officer. I've only seen glimpses of her and they generally erase it right away.
I have an implant in this physical natural body that connects me to the "skynet" known as JADE. I am a human trigger for the Earth Defense Grid through this implant. Part of the system to defend the planet from attack by ETs or objects from space.

So when people talk about being in more than one program, in more than one trip, they are telling the straight up truth. Stewart Swerdlow says that at Montauk they split the boys' minds into a 13 x 13 x 13 cubic array of fragments. He wrote a book about it. That gives 2,197 alters available for programming. And these Black Ops tend to not waste any.

I have personally reintegrated and retrieved partial memory from 30 alters. I still have over 2K to go.

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The "reality" of the Secret Space Black Ops. 8 months 4 days ago #26

I tend to think of my alters as 'other people' because we don't generally share memory. It really IS like talking to another person in my head.

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The "reality" of the Secret Space Black Ops. 8 months 4 days ago #27

So, Penny... About Our Alters... We All Have What We Call "Higher Selves"... I Can't Comunicated With My "Higher Self" When I'm Conscious In 3D. I Get Downloads When I Go To Sleep. But, An Alter Is Another 3D Personality, In The Same Time Stream In Our Solar System As We Are. And, Can Talk To You? But, The Alter Doesn't Move Your Consciousness To One Side, And Take Over Your Mind And Body? Like A Split Personality Can. Is That Correct?

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The "reality" of the Secret Space Black Ops. 8 months 4 days ago #28

The usual and normal function of alters is to move your consciousness aside and take over the body, like possession. The alter considers the body to be his/hers and just 'wakes up'.

There was something about the particular code that was used on me that allows some alters to interact with each other without taking possession. We sit in my head and gradually merge together. Some of the stronger alters have attempted to become dominant. It's an ongoing conversation most of the time. It requires a lot of my energy to maintain the dominance of the alter that usually runs the body. But my Guides have assured me that this alter has the 'best' ethical compass and will do the best job of preserving a decent person.

Those who knew me at the time I was reintegrating Lt. Valkyrien were able to pick out when she was more dominant because of how I acted then. Lt. Valkyrien is more aggressive and enjoys toying with people she considers of lesser rank. In America she would be a bully. In Nacht Waffen, she was an officer. The culture was different and encouraged that kind of behavior.

I too have interaction with my Higher Selves [several layers of them], and they are more like me-but-not-me. My 6D Higher Self is still very bitter over how she was killed in her last physical incarnation, so even though I'm mind fractured, I tend to be kinder than she is. But she talks to me and gives me advice. Sometimes I take it. I have woke up in the middle of my 6D HS trying to use black magick to kill someone. So far I have managed to stop her shit. It's scary to me that my "Higher Self" is basically demonic.

My 9D Higher Self is more like how Higher Selves are described in the literature. More removed from the day-to-day frustrations of life, more 'holy', more helpful without being intrusive. She gives me useful information at the time it's needed. It would be helpful to get it a little before it's needed, but at least I get it.

So my personal experience is different from what I perceive to be the norm for people who have been through mind fracture. Most of the ones that I am aware have alters, generally tell me that they don't. Even after me watching them shift between them. I'm not sure why I am aware that I have them. I just am.

I have also been using shamanic soul fragment retrieval techniques to find and reintegrate bits of myself that have split off and run. Some are this life and some are past lives. When they behave, I feel more whole and complete than before. When they argue or struggle for dominance, it is exhausting. I do have access to a shaman to help make certain that I only accept soul fragments or alters that are actually me. Otherwise, it becomes a form of vampyrism, energy feeding on others. This is to be avoided.
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The "reality" of the Secret Space Black Ops. 8 months 2 days ago #29

Thank You Penny For That Information.
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The "reality" of the Secret Space Black Ops. 7 months 3 weeks ago #30

The usual and normal function of alters is to store trauma in a mind fragment. They are created by the mind to store memories that are beyond the ability of the mind to deal with. If the mind wants to survive, it creates a place to store those memories and the feelings they invoke. This ability is lost by the time the mind is in it's teens and the trauma will send an older teen or adult into insanity or even death. But a small child will form alters instead. [This is why mind fracture is practiced on children.]

Since the entire purpose and function of alters is to store memories and the feelings about them away from the mind, they don't share memory with the mind. Over time the alter forgets there ever was a mind, and thinks it is all there is, and the body belongs to it naturally. This is the point where the alter can be programmed by a professional. Depending on how much energy is invested by the mind, the alter can be programmed to be an entire personality. Alters can be programmed to be a different gender from the body, a different age, to speak a different language, have a different religion or none at all. And since the alter does not share memory with the mind, the natural person doesn't even know it's there.

Alters don't share the ethical compass of the mind. Alters can be taught to do anything on command. The usual things taught in the black ops are sex slavery, assassination techniques, warfare, even spying. And the mind will not even suspect it is possible. The only thing the mind usually notices are missing time and a tendency to not have emotions or feelings.

This tendency to not have emotions or feelings is called "disassociation". The black ops refers to these people as "Disassociates". They use the term as if it's just another race of humans, without regard to the fact that these are people who have been tortured repeatedly to create this condition. AR Bordon uses that term repeatedly in his fiction. I've seen the term in declassified documents. There are millions of us attempting to lead normal lives on Earth.

So why is this done to people at all? Because certain groups want deniability. Because they want to do certain things without leaving witnesses. Because they want other groups to not be able to get the information from that "asset" [person]. The folks that run these programs have no idea that they are torturing children. All they see are assets that they have genetically modified and use as they see fit. To them, we "assets" are not "people". We don't have rights. We are just like robots to them. Things that they create and use. The idea that we started off as humans with souls and minds and soul contracts of our own never enters their minds. They have absolutely no respect for personal sovereignty.

Last March, I was approached by an NSA agent. She showed me her badge. She had a job she wanted me to do. But in the meantime, she told me that I was the last of my "Class" at Langley. After she left, I threw up. How could those people refer to 5 years of torture as a "Class" like it was school?

There had been hundreds of children at Langley AFB in 1959. I was 4 when they brought me there, mind wiped so I wouldn't remember my family. We were kept in cells just large enough to hold a child sized cot. It was solitary confinement when I wasn't being tortured or "Trained". When I was let out of my cell for human interaction, I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone.

And there were ETs there. I remember worker Draco and an individual female Naga in a doctor's coat. She spoke to me telepathically, told me it would eventually be okay. I never told anyone there that she spoke to me. She was the only adult of any race who was kind to me.

We were not called by our names. We had been mind wiped, didn't know our own names anyway. We were called by our room number. I was "7". The boy who later became the NSA agent who activated my alter memories was "5". The CIA killed him in December 2016. His birth name was Stephen.

I watched as children were killed. And came back, apparently unharmed. I was killed, over and over, and woke up in a dark tank. When they pulled me out, I was covered with a green gel. I would be hosed off and put into white cotton hospital pjs. After a while, I figured out that death wasn't an option. They would just bring me back. Killing someone doesn't matter when that person can be brought back from the dead.

Some of the children stopped forming alters and went catatonic. Others did nothing but scream non-stop. Since their minds refused to cooperate any longer, they no longer were useful to the people funding this program and were killed. Their bodies were incinerated.

I don't know what their parents thought when they disappeared from their beds and were never seen again. I was eventually returned, seriously damaged, to my family. From their point of view, I never left as I was returned to within 15 minutes of when I was taken.

My parents were teens and members of the Church of Christ. They believed in "spare the rod and spoil the child". The multidimensional abilities that Langley had cultivated in me--my parents saw as witchcraft to be beaten out of me. In some ways, they were more efficient at creating alters than Langley had been. We moved A LOT because the schools were concerned about their child abuse of my siblings and I. And looking back, I'm sure the alters showed themselves. You know the old phrase, out of the frying pan and into the fire? My parents didn't rape or murder, but they were otherwise just as efficient at mind control as Langley's experts.

My siblings? I don't remember them at Langley. They are all Disassociatives. Two have small birth defects consistent with the DNA mods that were done to me. They tell me I'm nuts, but they haven't been hit with an agent with a code phrase either.

When that NSA agent told me that I was the last of my Class at Langley to still be alive, it hit me deeply. Hundreds of children tortured for 5 years, with over 80% killed permanently then. And now I'm the last. The only one to speak for them.
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