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Walmart Deploys Military Grade Surveillance

Walmart has recently adopted a new security device that's popping up across America in the parking lots of the stores.  People have dubbed them the "Lot Cops" but in reality what exactly do they do?  We have done some research and they appear to be a civilian version of Northop Grumman's Expeditionary Tactical Automated Security System a sophisticated military field surveillance system capable of networking with other units to monitor an operational theater.

Recently civilianized yellow units have been deployed in the parking lots of many WalMart stores.  Almost all of them have a generic security company shield that we cannot trace to where they come from.  While these units seem to be a very good idea for the safety of the shoppers and for theft reduction one has to wonder... who is monitoring the video feeds of these units?  Anyone who shops at Walmart already knows it can be quite frustrating at times to even find someone to help you.  Can you really depend on someone coming to your aide if you are a crime victim in the lot?  There are now so many cameras in a typical WalMart store it makes you wonder if they have a room of operators who are monitoring the screens.

We have researched and found that these units are actually D3 Edge Security Trailers made LiveView technologies. They sit just over 20 feet high and are secured with several cameras.  Their features include the following...


  • One Stop A to Z solution
  • Thermal Camera Detection
  • 2-Way Speaker Communication
  • Cloud Based
  • Communication Link Management
  • 24/7 Video Recording
  • Monitoring & Onsite Response
  • Automated Alerts
  • Easy To Use
  • Infrared
  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Flood Lights
  • Live Streaming Video via Cellular & Satellite
  • Low Maintenance
This seems pretty powerful to us... maybe not as powerful as their military cousin, but the similarities are remarkably similar in appearance.  One has to wonder is this for WalMart's needs... or is there another purpose behind these high tech units.



Expeditionary Tactical Automated Security System (ExTASS)

Ian  Starchild

Ian Starchild lives somewhere in the central area of the United States.  He was born in Cardiff, Wales and has lived in Germany, Italy and Okinawa.  He lives alone with several lovely cats.  Ian has investigated paranormal sites in his home state of Kentucky such as Bobby Mackie's music world, Waverly Hills Sanatorium and has long had an interest in the paranormal.


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